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About Our Tv Boxes

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Movies & Tv Shows

Movies & Tv Shows are the mainstream of our entertainment with glorious blockbusters and heart-racing season finales compelling us like never before.

With StarBox, you can choose what Movies you want to watch when you want to watch them.

You can watch a full season of your favourite Tv Show Box Set in one sitting or spread it across week by week. The choice is entirely yours.

With access to so many applications and services on the Android platform, your variety is of an unseen before nature.


If you’re looking for a media platform that can provide you with instant live access to a multitude of games, matches and events of a Sporting nature, the StarBox is exactly what you need.

All your favourite Sports are at your fingertips, whether you want to catch live action or watch a replay on demand later.

Whether you’re a football fan, a combat sports fan, a golf fan, or a squared circle fan – there’s an application or service for you.

Never miss a game, match or event ever again with a StarBox. The best bit? There’s no ridiculously high monthly fees, you buy a StarBox and it belongs to you – for life!


Thousands Of Live Tv Channels

The StarBox Live Tv Player provides access to hundreds of Live Tv Channels from all over the world. Covering many geographical locations and cultures, you won’t have a problem finding channels to suit you, but that’s just one application!

There are literally hundreds of applications and services outwith the StarBox Live Tv Player offering same.

This takes the potential channel offering into the thousands, and the growth of these platforms continues to increase at an incredible rate on a daily basis.

There’s no need for huge monthly tv bills, say goodbye to them today and get your StarBox.

Turn Your Tv Into A Smart Tv

All our StarBox products run a customised version of the famous Android Operating system. This means that your television, regardless of age, brand or complexity will be instantly turned into a Smart Tv with a StarBox.

With access to over a million applications and services, there’s Smart functionality at your fingertips immediately.

You can browse websites, listen to TuneIn Radio, watch hilarious videos on YouTube, arrange your base on Clash of Clans or plan your next trip with Google Maps.

Movies, Tv Shows, Smart Tv Functionality, Applications, Games, Music are just but a few of the incredible features a StarBox brings.